Russia is a country of passive smokers

The Ministry of health of Russia conducted an Internet survey of passive Smoking, in which took part more than three thousand people. According to a survey of 40, 4 percent of Russians become passive smokers in public places, in clubs, at concerts and discos. 39, 7 percent are constantly faced with contempt of their health by smokers at bus stops and near the entrance to the underground, 34.5 percent in the stairwell and at the entrances of their homes.

Moreover, almost a quarter of Russians cannot find salvation and in their apartments more than 21 percent faced with Smoking in your own home, and over 18. Unfortunately, people can't avoid visiting places where they are most frequent "smoke attack", because in 24 cases out of a hundred of their "obkurivayut" at work, in 23 at the entrances to shops, hospitals and various public institutions.

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And although may 31, the Ministry of health has already planned an extensive campaign, timed to the day of Smoking cessation, in Russia there is no positive trends against the spread of active and passive Smoking. The share of the world organization of health held in Russia for only the second time, and although it is believed that in the past year she has helped thousands of people quit Smoking, the number of abusers cigarette people in our country is not reduced. Standing in frightening numbers, the problem of passive Smoking should be solved not by promotional measures and legally, because in reality the fine for Smoking in the wrong place don't believe the majority of Russians. Most Russians also ignore requests not to smoke at bus stops and at the entrances to the stairwells.

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