Russia has launched a new wave of fight against counterfeit medicines

In 2018 Russia will work a complete system of marking medicines. Any drug will have a two-dimensional bar code. This will allow consumers to verify the authenticity of medicines.

"This problem needs to be solved systemically. According to experts, the most effective way - the mandatory labelling of all drugs," says Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets about the situation with counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

In a pilot mode the project will start already on the first day of the new year. Pharmacies will be taking part in it on a voluntary basis. As of 2018, marking a new sample will become mandatory for all manufacturers and retailers selling medicine.

Now drug manufacturers put in a problematic position. "Many people simply physically do not have time to do so, even if you really want to. Including it is a question of Finance. Approach of terms negates the meaning of the pilot project in 2017. The results will not be able to use other manufacturers because it will be forced to purchase equipment and software to the completion of the pilot project. For a project of this scale starting with wheels no room for error is very, very risky," expresses his opinion Ivan Glushkov, Deputy General Director of the pharmaceutical company STADA CIS.

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