Russia declared war on fake drugs

With 2017 in Russia will be sold exclusively drugs with special chips on packages. The bill was approved by the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova.

"Designed the bill that makes mandatory the marking of each package of drugs that will allow ofmonitoring the movement of any packaging from production to income to the consumer. In the draft law laid down the mechanism of administrative punishments in the case that allowed an appeal of a drug that does not have the new labelling on the packaging," said Skvortsova.

The project will be implemented gradually, in several stages. First "chipout" will be an expensive medication to treat seven diseases. Then a list of chipovat funds will expand to the list of vital medicines.

While there are two ways of applying a chip to the medication. The first is a standard bar code, it does not require any implementation costs. The second option is radio-frequency chip that allows you to track all the information about the product: from the issue date to the series. Probably a radio-frequency label will be installed on expensive drugs.

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