Running protects the body from cancer – scientists

Oncologists from the University of Copenhagen have established that regular Jogging considerably reduce the likelihood of human cancer. It turns out that the sport slows down the process of formation in the organism of a single cancer cell. Moreover, sport helps to reduce the size of already formed tumors by almost two times. About it tell results of research in rodents.

A team of scientists transplanted in mice of cells of melanoma and other cancers. When the cells formed tumors, the animals were divided into two groups. Some mice were subjected to regular physical activity on the running wheel and the effect of injections of adrenaline. The second group lived a quiet life, with it, the researchers compared the results.

It turned out that running reduced the average size of the formed tumors of about 61-67%. While it is difficult to explain what is involved in the described phenomenon. However, to treat cancer physical activity scientists are not advised. In cases of suspected disease, as soon as possible to consult a doctor. Only initiating treatment at the earliest stage can guarantee a successful outcome.

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