Running improves the functioning of the brain, scientists have proved

Physical activity not only put in order the muscles, breath and heart, they affect the brain. Experts from the National Institute on ageing have tried to understand how regular Jogging affects the nervous system. Especially scholars interested in the effects of running for higher nervous functions.

In the experiment with laboratory mice, researchers found that running stimulates the formation of protein cathepsin B. This substance activates the growth process of brain cells. Note that a similar effect is noted only with constant training.

Scientists tried to block the group mice the production of a protein cathepsin. In result the animals have a decreased ability to orientation in space. Mouse could hardly find their way from the pool to the platform. The control group with the task coped fine.

Overall, the data received do not contradict the previous studies. Sports increase blood flow throughout the body. The brain is no exception to the rule. With blood flow to the body transport nutrients, which determine the activity of the whole organism.

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