Running backwards better than usual Jogging

To the truly amazing results of the researches have come from Italy. It turns out that when Jogging backwards is training different muscle groups, which is more useful and effective than running in a traditional style. In addition, when exercising like Jogging a person consumes more energy by about 30 percent, but the impact on the foot and the joints of the knees are far less.

Giovanni Cavagna, one of Milan's scientists, who led the study, noted that this load distribution is extremely important for patients with various diseases of the joints. This category includes people in old age. The use of slow runs "backwards" for this category would be beneficial to health, without giving any side effects.

Very important is the running back for the development of the vestibular apparatus and the development of coordination abilities. In particular, these exercises are extremely beneficial can affect the early stages of Parkinson's disease. In addition, this type of cross-country loads very useful for the development of musculoskeletal part, because the load subjected to the same groups of muscles, which classic running involved minimally or not participate at all.

There is even a world record at the time of overcoming the five-kilometer distance running backwards. He is an impressive figure in 19 minutes and 31 seconds. To meet such a result, this segment is not easy even for ordinary runner.

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