Rules of conduct in the sun

Sunburn is not only a beautiful Golden darkening of our skin, which visually make the body slimmer, make us more vibrant and sexy. Tan incorrect behavior in the sun, when the abuse of the warm rays can cause burns of the skin, premature aging of the skin and even cause skin cancer. And observing a few simple rules will help to avoid unpleasant and dangerous consequences.

1. In the period of greatest solar activity - from 12 to 16 hours - avoid sun exposure or just hide in the shade under an umbrella.

2. Use hats and Panama hats. This will save You from heat stroke. Do not neglect and high quality sunglasses, they will protect the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. Use sunscreen properly selected according to Your phototype. The lighter the skin, the greater the degree of protection (SPF) You need. Protective agent should be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure and every time after bathing. Do not be afraid that using sunscreen You will not darken, on the contrary, the tan will go smoother and be more persistent.

4. It is impossible to sunbathe Topless, if You have a mole on the chest or predisposition to diseases of the mammary glands. Also, try to protect from the direct rays of large moles on the body. If they start to change in size, color, and so there will be pain when pressed, immediately contact your doctor or oncologist.

5. Ensure the safety of the children. They are more mobile, so more are in the sun than adults. Buy the special tool to protect delicate baby skin. And toddlers up to three years at all should be protected from direct sunlight. Remember, sunburn, received in childhood, can be a major cause of skin cancer later.

6. After sunbathing use after sunburn. It can be as special creams and sprays, and regular dairy products. They soften and moisturize the skin, fixing the resulting tan.

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