Rules for selection of children's glasses for vision correction

If you regularly watch your child squints at every attempt to consider anything, know that he urgently needed glasses. Remember that to carry out their proper selection, diagnose, and prescribe corrective actions to the eye only by a qualified specialist is an ophthalmologist.

Unfortunately, not all parents are aware of the fact that the earlier a child starts to wear glasses, the more likely that his vision will be restored to the level of adequate indicators. If a problem will acquire the status of neglect, the kid can finally stop seeing or he will need prompt surgical intervention. The basic criteria for selection of the correct points for the younger child are:

- you should not use the adjustment tool with the "stock" - so, if the value is "-1" better buy "-0,5" - so eye muscle will get regular exercise, will be restored;

- after a year worth re-examination - level view of children is changing very quickly, so after a certain period the need to wear glasses may be lost or you simply adjust the number of portable diopters;

the selected frame glasses have good sidet ears, to take an optimal position on the face and not to interfere with the child in the process. Glasses in any case should not be too heavy as this fact may have a negative impact on the quality of the development process of children's facial muscles.

Modern glasses are made so that the child in any case had no limitations and did not experience uncomfortable sensations in the process even the most active movement.

The most frequently used resources for the manufacture of the frames are titanium and various alloys. They have the functionality and safe even for doing maximum active lifestyle.

The selection process of the design rim is better to trust to the child, because he will be wearing spectacles. Lenses should choose polycarbonate - they are persistent, protect the eyes from damage, lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are divided into several types:

- bifocal;

- aspherical type;

- polarizing properties;

- photochromic.

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See that modern technologies allow to choose a suitable for your child option correct and beautiful glasses for every taste.

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