Rugby player became homosexual after a stroke

Twenty-six a Rugby player Chris birch suffered a stroke during training, when he tried to do a back flip and broke his neck.

The amazing thing is that after recovery he left the sport, work in a Bank and turn into a hairdresser and started Dating a man.

"I was gay when I woke up and I was still me," he says. It sounds strange, but when I came to, I immediately felt the change. I was no longer interested in women. I never felt attracted to men before, I wasn't even friends is gay. But I don't care who I was, I had to be true to his feelings."

Before the accident birch planned to move in with his girlfriend and spent the weekend working out and drinking with friends. Now he says: "I hated every detail of my life: understood that I do not get along with my former friends, felt aversion to sport and found his job boring. I started to pay great attention to their appearance, decolorized hair and began to visit the fitness club. The people I knew before could barely recognize me with my new style, I became even more confident".

He underwent training at the hairdresser and now lives with his partner Jack Powell, who is 19, in the room over the parlor, where he works.

Two years ago it was reported that Alan brown, of Malvern, in Worcestershire, recovering from injury, began to create detailed pictures, despite the complete lack of aptitude for painting previously. In his head like "flicked the switch" responsible for creativity.

The representative of the Association of Stroke Joe Korner said: "During recovery of the brain develop new neural pathways, which can cause a phenomenon that people do not suspect, for example, the new focus or perhaps changing sexuality.

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