Round table devoted to the problem of hepatitis C in Russia

Russian Society for the study of the liver (RAPIP) organized a Round table on the problems of hepatitis C in Russia. It was attended by many experts in this area: main specialist gastroenterologist MoH Century Ivashkin, head of the Centre for monitoring viral hepatitis Century closets, Chairman of the expert group of the Ministry of health on viral hepatitis N. Usuk, coordinator of who's programmes in Russia Elena Vovc.

Currently in Russia there are about 1.8 million people infected with hepatitis C. This is the official statistical data, and, meanwhile, experts believe that in fact the number of infected 3 times as much as at the initial stage of infection, the disease is asymptomatic. In the absence of timely treatment, the disease flows from chronic, leading to destruction of the liver. Modern medicines can cure 70-80 cases out of 100. This is already a good result, as previously, this figure was only 7 percent. But in this case, the treatment costs to the patient of about $ 20,000 per year. Few can afford such an amount.

That is why the round-table participants agreed that patients With hepatitis C need help from the state. Today financial state aid is provided only to those people who, together with hepatitis, in addition to HIV-infected. For a long time as the disease ceased to amaze the so-called risk groups, which are drug addicts and prostitutes. The hepatitis C virus equally successfully transmitted and dental clinics and beauty salon. Start timely treatment reduces rates for treatment of hepatitis C in General.

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