Rosstat published data on the incidence of cancer in Russia

According to statistics, women in Russia are 8 percent more likely to be victims of cancer than male population. Some types of cancer can only hurt women. These are cancer of the cervix and uterus, and ovarian cancer. In turn, prostate cancer support only men. However, more women than men suffer from colon cancer (58 percent women vs. 42 percent of men), skin cancer (63% women vs. 37% of men), cancer of the gallbladder and bile ducts (65% women vs. 35% of men).

Among Russian men is the most common form of cancer is cancer of the larynx. Of all cases this type of a malignant tumor 94 percent are men. 81 percent of men suffer from cancer of the lung, trachea and bronchus, 79 percent of cancer of the esophagus, 78 percent of the bladder, 76 percent of cancer of the pharynx and oral cavity cancer patients and 57 males in Russia are suffering from stomach cancer.

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Pancreatic cancer equally often affects both women and men: 51% women and 49% men. These proportions remain and in the case of rectal cancer, hematopoietic and lymphatic tissues of the anus and rectosigmoidal connection. From kidney cancer almost equally affects both sexes: 45% women 55% men. The same applies to cancer of the intrahepatic ducts and liver cancer. It should also be noted that most Russians suffer from skin cancer, lung cancer, breast, and cervix.

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