Rosemary protects the brain from damaging agents and aging

American scientists together with colleagues from China found that the herb rosemary has not only excellent taste, which is often used in cooking, but is an excellent remedy for the prevention of aging of the nervous tissue of the brain. Rosemary, the researchers note, is able to protect the brain from a variety of damaging agents and increase its resistant ability.

It turns out that the case in karnisovas acid, which in sufficient quantity in the grass. This compound has antioxidant properties and protects nerve tissue from oxidation processes, which has toxic effects. It should be noted that particularly useful rosemary is for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Doctors and scientists stand on the fact that the herbal product is more useful for drugs that are often prescribed to patients with diseases of the nervous system. The use of rosemary is safe and helps to maintain nerve cells in optimal shape.

Scientists note that this will give impetus to the development of particular medicines based on plants that will allow treats diseases of the brain more efficiently.

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