Rosemary increases the activity of the brain – researchers

The invocation of the scent of rosemary is useful for the brain. So say experts from the University of Northumbria. They found that only one plant is able to improve prospective memory – the ability to correctly plan your time.

In total, the study involved 150 volunteers aged 65 years and older. Some people suggested to sit in the room with the smell of lavender, others – with the smell of rosemary. Volunteers from the control group sat in a room with no odors.

Scientists noticed that just a few drops of essential oils with aromas of rosemary and a fan capable of improving human mental abilities. Moreover, the smell of rosemary improves mood, the study showed. Such effects have other flavors experts have not found. This writes Zee News.

According to the data obtained, the scent of rosemary increases alertness. Lavender, on the contrary, relaxes, calms and gives a feeling of satisfaction.

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