Rosemary essential oil improves memory

A group of scientists, headed by mark moss, came to the conclusion that the essential oils of rosemary, inhaled by humans, have a positive impact on a person's memory. This conclusion scientists have come as a result of the study, which took part 66 volunteers. Scientists have divided people into two groups. Each group of experts was asked to wait in a different room, one with a spread smell of rosemary.

After this, all the participants of the experiment was given tests to assess memory each. It turned out that those participants who spent time in the room with essential oils of rosemary, showed better results than the participants of the second group. In addition, the analysis of the blood found participants in the first group the presence of large amounts of 1,8-cineole. This chemical compound included in the composition of essential oil of rosemary.

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Previously it was proved that the substance in question improves memory due exerted on the human body chemicals. Obtained results, the scientists intend to use to create drugs to combat memory loss in the elderly.

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