Romanian scientists have developed a similar blood

Romanian scientists have been able to win the main problem associated with blood transfusion. Donor blood in a number of cases rejected by the body of the recipient, which leads to serious consequences. Now, according to scientists, this problem can be solved with the help of a new development.

Similar blood was created on the basis of biomaterial marine worms of which was allocated genericin. This compound contains iron and is an alternative to hemoglobin, the main protein that carries oxygen in the body. In addition, the composition of the blood include water and salt to maintain water and electrolyte balance.

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The Institute's scientists plan to test. If the experiments will be successful, then soon this blood will come in many centres for blood transfusion and will be used as a blood substitute. However, at the moment there is one major problem. Donor hamartin is a rare species of marine worms that will limit the volume of the product.

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