RNA marker will help to predict the degree of survival from cancer

Scientists from the United States managed to open a new RNA marker, which is able to predict the survival rate of patients with breast cancer. Scientists from the Centre for cancer research at Ohio University have analyzed a large amount of data from the cancer genome Atlas, as well as data 466 patients suffering from the most common form of breast cancer - invasive ductal cancer.

The experts found 37 RNA molecules that are directly and consistently linked to the General pattern of survival.

As it turned out, most of the genes included in this prognostic RNA is a marker that had never been associated with breast cancer. In addition, it does not contain genes, which are involved in the growth cycle of tumor cells.

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Established RNA is a marker for predicting the success of treatment of patients, especially the initial stages of this cancer. However, it will help to predict the survival rate of patients suffering from breast cancer.

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