Risk is the result of weak control

Scientists have established that the person is at risk because of the reduction of the activity of the control zone, according to Euretek Alert. Previously it was thought that people do risky behavior because of the activity of the brain responsible for desire. Scientists say the discovery may provide the science. It gives a more detailed picture of the motivation of the criminals.

For the study, researchers took 108 and conducted brain scans during the game related risk. Special program took into account changes in brain activity. Scientists monitor how the activity of the individual centers of the cerebral cortex, depending on the person's behavior.

It turned out that the choice of the person (to risk or not to risk) can be predicted on the basis of his brain activity. The accuracy of the method was 71%.

The scientists conclude: people with a penchant for risk have excessive braking area, responsible for monitoring. At this stage, is developing issue. Interestingly, the risk has much in common with alcohol and drugs. Apparently, these substances affect the entire brain, including this area.

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