Ripe tomatoes have a positive effect on blood vessels

Tomatoes and watermelon are able to restore damaged vessels and arteries. That their property they are required in their composition to the specific pigment, lycopene.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which it was found that lycopene has a beneficial effect on damaged as a result of diseases of the blood vessels, says Plos One. The experiment involved 2 groups of people. People of one group, consisting of 36 people, suffered from those or other diseases of the cardiovascular system and took drugs to reduce cholesterol. And participants in the second group, 36 people were absolutely healthy people.

As a result of experience, it was recorded that in patients receiving lycopene, 53% had improved patency of vessels. Thus, scientists have proved that this pigment is able to restore damaged areas of the vascular system.

It eating tomatoes that contain a unique pigment, scientists explain the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet. Because people who regularly eat tomatoes, significantly less likely to suffer from cardiovascular pathologies.

Tomatoes – a very common vegetables, having in its composition a high concentration of the active substance lycopene. Scientists have proved that it is due to the effect of this pigment, in healthy people reduces the risk of development of vascular pathology. Sick people suffering from heart ailments, noted a significant improvement in health after the intake of lycopene.

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