Rinsing the mouth increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks

On the eve of the scientists proved that the mouth rinse is a dangerous procedure. It increases the risk of stroke and diseases of the cardiovascular system. When rinsing together with harmful bacteria is washed useful flora, which helps blood vessels to function properly. As a result, increased pressure and strain on the heart, writes The Daily Mail.

To confirm this theory, researchers from Queen Mary University held experience. Volunteers were asked to rinse the mouth is a powerful antiseptic. It was noted the increase in blood pressure, which can be maintained for several hours after the procedure. Only the study involved 19 people. Their pressure has increased at an average of 2-3 .5 units.

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Scientists state the fact: this surge in pressure increases the risk of death from heart disease by 7%. For rinsing in the experiment was used chlorhexidine 0.2 percent. This antiseptic effectively copes with microbes. It is noted that the constant rinsing reduce the production of nitrite, necessary for the functioning of vessels, microorganisms 90%.

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