Rigid diet can lead to anemia

Lack of nutrients will inevitably reflected in the composition of the blood. That is why a balanced diet must accompany a person always, even during weight loss.

In total, the human body is about 4 grams of iron. A large part of it is involved in hematopoiesis. Doctors believe that for a person to maintain the balance of iron 15 to 20 milligrams of the substance per day. Only 20% of this amount the body can absorb from food. With the Internet the situation is further exacerbated.

Iron deficiency leads to the development of anemia with a number of troubling symptoms, from fatigue and dizziness to shortness of breath frequent palpitations.

"The risk group includes teenagers and young girls during intensive growth, menstruating and breast feeding women, elderly people. Therefore, the diets, aimed at weight loss, you need to eat right.", - says Tatiana Kirsanova, physician, nephrologist, senior researcher, research center of obstetrics, gynecology them. Acad. V. I. Kulakov.

While dieting should remember about the benefits of products and balanced diet. To maintain the balance of iron should take vitamins B12 and B6. A lot of iron in pomegranates, buckwheat, beef and cherry plum. Also useful properties of pork liver.

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