Right lunch time is key to effective weight loss

Rational and healthy nutrition is key to good shape. Exercise and fresh air permit to operate the organs and systems in an optimal manner. In addition, researchers are advised to distribute portions in time, taking Breakfast and lunch the main part of their diet.

American nutrition scientists conducted a study that involved the 420 patients at Brigham women's hospital. All volunteers had problems with being overweight and wanted to get rid of it in a short time. The scientists decided to find out whether mealtimes to affect the process of losing weight.

For the study was set up two groups of volunteers. Some were eating up to three hours a day, while others could eat later. In the rest of the conditions were exactly the same. Diet and caloric content was identical, the patients lived in a hospital mode, slept the same number of hours and engage in physical activity for a given program.

The study showed that lunch until three days has a beneficial effect on the process of weight loss, which become more intense and effective. Scientists report that the first group quickly lost weight and had reduced risk of developing diabetes of the second type in the future. The experience gained nutritionists advise to move and at home ways to control your weight, as this will reduce the percentage of body fat, if you follow the other recommendations.

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