Rich vocabulary in childhood increases the chances of a successful career

Researchers from the Higher school of Economics in St. Petersburg proved that children from wealthy families, in which parents engaged with the child, teaching him new words, most of the others reach success in their careers.

"Low levels of education and income of parents can affect the linguistic baggage of their children. The speech of these children may become inarticulate and illiterate, what prevents to study well in school, and in the future - and to succeed in life," commented the representative of the press service of the Institute.

Start in the form of a tight contact between the child and parents gives children the necessary motivation to continue education. A chance encounter with something unknown, when the child will go to kindergarten or school, is greatly reduced, helping to acquire a complete vision of the world.

The Council of scientists from St. Petersburg is simple, but requires patience and time. Should be given to the child to the maximum time, leaving him the freedom to self-select.

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