Rice is able to change human genetics

Scientists have repeatedly conducted studies that showed that rice contains arsenic. This time, a group of researchers from Manchester has involved researchers from Calcutta and together proved that the negative impact significantly on the genetic level.

In experiment took part approximately 400,000 people. The majority of participants lived in Belgium in rural areas, and periodically used Fig. After research, scientists were able to gather additional information about the product, its components, properties, as well as the immediate impact when interacting with humans. As a result, scientists concluded that rice has a significant number of positive characteristics, such as ease of storage, mixing and mastering, it contains b vitamins and fiber. However, despite all good, a large amount of arsenic is able to outshine all is well and have a negative impact on human health with daily use in large quantities.

Research on rice were conducted repeatedly, and scientists drew all sorts of communication and human health impact of the product. However, no one up to this point didn't even think that changes can occur at the genetic level.

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