Rice diet

Excess weight is something that makes one feel comfortable to most people. In order to lose weight, many people start to fight for a slim figure. Some diets, despite their accumulation and monotony, do not give the desired effect. Moreover, the most used ingredients in them, is clearly not the most pleasant. In this article you will learn about effective and enjoyable way to lose weight. Rice diet - here's what you need to fight for their own health.

The rice diet has long ceased to be something special. Her fruitful result felt by thousands of people around the world. Many people eat rice, do not even suggest that it contains amino acids, useful for improving metabolism. In addition, the existing minerals and vitamins that strengthen the immune system and help to combat viruses. Figure perfectly satisfies hunger. That is why even small amounts may be sufficient for saturation.

The rice diet is primarily aimed not at starvation or restriction yourself in the gastronomic preferences, and Wellness cleansing of the body. With just one day of fasting with a diet of rice porridge, you eliminate many pounds of worthless slag. Next, I'll describe several variants of the rice diet, but now you must remember:

Eat should be brown, not white rice, because it contains more nutrients.

Three-day unloading

The first option is the rice diet is the creation of so-called fasting day, in which you do everything possible to excretion of stagnant substances and salts. The recipe included in the diet is simple: 100 gram Cup raw rice, wash and boil for 20 minutes. Next, the resulting porridge divided into three portions. This will be your Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thus, you consume during the day exclusively boiled rice, relaxing green tea and purified water. Nutritionists confirm that this power system, consisting of three days per month, will help to significantly improve your health, get rid of extra pounds and strengthen the immune system.


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Complete diet looks like this. In combination with rice must eat all kinds of vegetables and fruit (optional). Perfect nuts and pears. Periodically in food, you can add sour cream, yogurt and eggs. On such a diet should "sit" within 2 weeks. Believe me, the result will not keep itself waiting long!

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