Rhinoplasty nose

Rhinoplasty nose is a serious surgery, so for this step should be approached consciously. The operation aims to change and correction of the size and shape of the nose. In fact, such a procedure enables you to update the image of cheloveka without changing the distinctive facial features.

Rhinoplasty can improve the shape of the nose, change its size and to correct congenital defects, including those associated with breathing. Today in the centers of aesthetic surgery carried out two types of operations, aimed at adjusting the shape of the nose: closed and open.

Open rhinoplasty, an incision along the skin bridge between the nostrils. In the course of such complex surgical procedures a doctor is easier to follow the changes that occur during the procedure, since the structure of the nose is visible.

Many reviews suggest that the effectiveness of a closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside the nose. Absolutely not true the opinion that such an operation is carried out "blindly". During the intervention the doctor kontroliruet process using specifically designed for such operations equipment.

Carrying out correction of the shape of the nose is shown in the presence of pathologies, such as:

• thickening of the nose;

• the presence of a bump;

• saddle nose;

• deformation of the nose due to injuries;

• too long nose;

• the presence of formations, preventing free breathing;

• large nostrils.

The cost of rhinoplasty nose is determined depending on the scale of operations. Before a date will be scheduled surgery, the patient must undergo all the necessary tests and a set of procedures. The only way you can protect yourself from all sorts of complications. Surgery is performed in hospital. After making the correction of the nose of the man for a few more days left in the clinic.

Rhinoplasty is recommended to do at age 20 - 45 years, but if intervention is necessary to save people from breathing problems, according to the testimony of the expert, the operation can be performed at any age.

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Before surgery it is strictly forbidden to take any drugs or smoke. For example, this secure, at first glance, drug, like aspirin, affects the blood clotting process. Its reception on the eve of rhinoplasty can cause severe bleeding during surgery.

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