Rhinoplasty - features operation

Esteticheskaya surgery currently occupies a growing place in the correction of faces, figures and other parts of the body, including rhinoplasty nose, this is a procedure for the correction and the correction of the nose recourse for injuries or in the case when people are dissatisfied with the shape of his nose.

Rhinoplasty nose, is a type of plastic surgery that eliminates the defects of the nose, to correct the shape of the nose tip or the back, to eliminate ugly wings of the nose and is currently done by many. Rhinoplasty can be of two types, closed and open surgery of the nose. Now one of the most popular surgery is rhinoplasty prices which depend on the complexity of the operation. Rhinoplasty nose is held with congenital deformities of the nose, broken walls, can carry out the operation and without visible defects in the outer part of the nose, and repeated rhinoplasty. In the case when surgery of the nose, there are two of the surgeon, the plastic surgeon and the surgeon otolaryngologist. This is because the nasal air passages are of great importance in the functioning of the brain and with what nature has provided every man his nose, with certain sizes of moves, and when the breath is the ventilation of the brain, because the nose is connected not only with the maxillary sinuses.

Vostokovedenie passages extend through the entire forehead, almost to the top of your head while breathing mater or cooled, or Vice versa cools, thus, to adjust the temperature of the blood in the meninges. In the case when the nasal passages will decrease or Vice versa will increase, then there is a violation of the air flow to your brain, and this can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, impaired memory, such people will not be able to go Jogging, or other intense physical exercises associated with exercise and intensity of breathing.

In addition, if the violation of the nasal septum, all respiratory diseases will proceed with great difficulty and much longer. This is the main contraindications for rhinoplasty. Often rhinoplasty nose do to correct abnormalities of the nose, it can be sphenoiditis, frontal sinusitis, ethmoiditis, sinusitis, and for removing foreign bodies, removal of cysts and adenoids, in this case, nasal ventilation is normalized, and the man disappear constant headaches, nausea, dizziness and other pathologists.

It must be remembered that surgery for correction of the nose is quite complex so the price for rhinoplasty depends on the quality of the operation, from the clinic where the operation is carried out and the complexity of the nose, with a subsequent change is not only external but also internal parts of the nose.

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