Rhinitis - symptoms and treatment

A respiratory disease that occurs in people of different age groups, is rhinitis. Hypothermia, the main reason causing the disease. Prolonged hypothermia in General leads to the violation of the protective functions.

Leads to the appearance of the preconditions for the occurrence of the painful symptoms. On the occurrence of rhinitis affects moved chronic disease or the presence of acute inflammatory process in the body.

The oral cavity provides hydration filtering inhaled air entering the respiratory tract. This is one of the protective processes to protect the body from getting infections. Due to the anatomical similarity of the oral cavity is directly connected with bronchi.

Authorities have a wide range acquired in the process of life and innate protective functions. The surface of the oral cavity and bronchial tubes covered with epithelium.

In clinical practice, acute respiratory disease became known as rhinitis. The emergence of SARS contributes to the beginning of the allergic process in the body.

Rhinitis involves several varieties

1. Allergic.

2. Infectious.

3. Non-communicable.

The main symptom of rhinitis, is a stuffy nose. The temperature rise occurs frequently. Treatment should begin immediately when the first manifestation of signs. When the symptoms of rhinitis should stick to home mode. Drinking warm tea prepared medicinal herbs. The disease is accompanied by secretions from the nasal cavity. You need to properly vysmarkivatsya nose. When blowing the nose, the mouth should be cleaned.

In this disease it is recommended to drink milk with honey. When high temperature is applied using means of lowering body temperature. Remember, medications conducive to lowering temperature are sweatshops. These procedures will simplify the process flow of inflammation in the body.

Treatment of chronic rhinitis involves the use of medications. Use drops for cleansing the nasal cavity and getting rid of the infection.

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Controlling for health status, paying attention to the negative manifestations in the body can prevent inflammatory processes. If you have symptoms of rhinitis is not recommended to treat yourself, you must visit a doctor. Qualified advice will help solve health problems and overcome the disease.

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