Rheumatoid arthritis and testosterone deficiency in men interconnected

A recent study by researchers from Sweden found that the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis in men may be due to low amounts of testosterone in their body, according to the publication the Times of India.

Under rheumatoid arthritis refers to an autoimmune disease, in which inflammation of the connective tissue, and affects the joints. According to experts, the deficiency of the male hormone interconnected with rheumatoid arthritis, however, at the moment, the scientist is not known whether low levels of the hormone that causes arthritis, or its consequence.

The findings of scientists based in particular on the results of the study, which was begun in 1974. During the study, the experts observed the health 33000 people who were born in the period 1921-GH. All participants gave a blood sample, tested, and completed a questionnaire in which they indicated their lifestyle and health.

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In the result, it was found that 104 of volunteers over time emerged rheumatoid arthritis, and 174 of the participants in the study of this disease has yet been found. The factors causing the occurrence of arthritis, are antibodies that help to classify the disease as well as evidence of its severity. Scientists also noted that, even taking into account such factors rheumatoid arthritis, Smoking and BMI, those men, the testosterone level was lowered, were more likely to experience they mentioned diseases.

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