RF technology in aesthetic medicine

RF technology is a new kind of impact in aesthetic beauty, though in medicine electromagnetic oscillations with a frequency of 0.5-100 MHz are applied for more than 30 years. Recent research in this area has helped to adapt RF technologies for use when performing non-invasive cosmetic procedures. This technology is used in aesthetic medicine in the beginning of XXI century for non-surgical skin tightening and cellulite treatment.

The method is based on RF technology is the impact of high-frequency electric field for the controlled heating of the skin and subcutaneous fat. The results obtained after a course of procedures performed on the device RF-lifting for the visual effect is comparable to plastic surgery, and in some aspects even superior to it. The main advantage of radiofrequency facelift is that the effect of skin tightening is achieved thanks to the global improvement of the skin.

Before surgical tightening of the skin was the most efficient operation, helping to fix some cosmetic imperfections associated with aging skin. Thanks to plastic surgery can get rid of deep wrinkles, visibly Tarawih women and men, to eliminate excess skin, resulting from the reduction of collagen and elastin, but the operation could not relieve the skin from internal symptoms of aging, than so successfully fights RF-lifting. Course procedures, which were conducted on the apparatus of the RF-lifting, helps not just change the appearance and to restore skin's youthfulness.

Due to the popularity of this procedure among customers, many beauty salons are eager to buy the device RF-lifting. Fortunately, on the Russian market cosmetology equipment to do it quite easily, which allows customers to easily book a treatment rejuvenation and skin tightening at a convenient beauty salon. But if you are going to start radiofrequency treatment method, do not forget that any cosmetic procedure is contraindicated. RF-lifting is not recommended in the presence of malignant tumors, the use of a pacemaker, metal implants in the area of processing, in acute viral infections during pregnancy. Relative contraindications are: diabetes, acute stage of acne, herpes, acute stage of rosacea.

To neglect these restrictions are not necessary, because otherwise the client can not only get the desired result, but faced with the deterioration of the General condition of your body.

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