RF-lifting in cosmetology

RF-lifting radio frequency radiation. This method of rejuvenation tightens the skin of the face, body, hands, removes subcutaneous fat. During exposure to electromagnetic pulses on the skin cells, occurs dosing intercellular membranes, which diligently begin to produce collagen and elastin. The body begins to naturally rejuvenate. After all, with age properties of collagen slows down, and this is reflected in the skin. It becomes loose, dry, elastic. RF-lifting results in activation of intracellular changes for some time, then such actions cease. If you this method was used to tighten the skin, then the procedure needs to spend more. And if you got rid of subcutaneous fat, redo is not required, maybe in some time.

When the desired RF-lifting?

RF-lifting is used when defects and disorders of the skin:

- cellulite full of great places of the skin;

- flabby and wrinkled face, extensive acne;

- strong sagginess in the abdomen, hips, neckline;

the sagginess of the skin which after childbirth or weight loss during weight loss;

- damaged skin from constant exposure to sunlight;

various skin defects.

Often used in RF-lifting as an adapter stage after surgical cosmetic surgery that improves the result. To achieve a positive effect, you want to go to 8 treatments, electromagnetic pulses, which will last longer for a more youthful skin because it has anti aging process more robust.

Insecurity procedures

Radio frequency radiation on the human body are not fully understood, but the constant use of high frequencies, brings an adverse effect on the nervous system. Be dangerous for pregnant women, people with diseases of the immune and hormonal system. Of course, the RF-lifting is not a long process, and only with the advice and recommendation cosmetologist, you decide to use this method on yourself or not.

Features of the RF-lifting

If you decide on this procedure, go to the dermatologist and carefully inspect the skin. To get the best result, the radio lifting should hold on tight and moisturized skin. Men reach a more striking result, because they have a thick skin. The advantage of this method of rejuvenation is a natural ability of the body to recover, RF-lifting only gives impetus to the cells to work, i.e. to produce collagen.

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