Revolutionary technique will help to cope with serious bone injuries

Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology have developed a tissue scaffold for implantation. The fabric contains growth factors, bone and after the implantation process begins the process of separating them into blood and bone, writes The Hindu. The main goal of development is accelerating healing of complicated fractures. New bone tissue, experts say, is no different from the original.

Tissue implants will replace, in some cases, transplantation of bone tissue. This procedure is associated with frequent complications and painful sensations. Scientists share an example of using the new products. Tissue growth factors bone can be used for the installation of dental implants. Before the actual installation of the tooth, you must increase bone here and useful development.

The frame turned out to be thin and porous. On its surface it carries 80 layers of growth factors: 40 platelet layers and 40 layers of bone morphogenetic protein-2. This technology is most effective affects bone growth.

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The first tests were successful: textile implant closed defect in the skull with a diameter of 8 millimeters.

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