Retirement becomes, for most older people stress

The study found that one doesn't have to dream about the moment when he will retire and will no longer go to work, so hoping to get a lot of free time. As it turned out, the person of retirement age who do not work, 60 percent more prone to the development of various diseases. Such opinion of British scientists from the Institute of economic Affairs in London.

They found that the refusal to work seems to be most desirable, but, actually, it hides many dangers to human health. In addition to the 60 percent increased risk of developing various diseases, pensioners 40 percent more likely to suffer depression. In addition, 60 percent increased likelihood of chronic administration of various drugs.

However, pensioners who have ceased to work, 40 percent less consider their health "very good", when they ask this question. It should also be noted that this study is a large-scale, and attended 9000 nationals of the eleven countries of the European Union, whose age ranged from 50 to 70 years.

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The scientists took into account the fact that retirement may be due to poor health. But even after the mentioned factor was taken into account, retirement for the elderly has become a stress even more powerful than if they had not stopped to work. Many people lose their old ties with their colleagues and become lonely. However, it is no longer necessary every day to go to work, thereby it turns out that physical activity pensioner falls. And another important factor is the fact that significantly reduced income, which also affects the overall mental and physical health.

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