Retinal detachment - how not to lose sight?

Vision is one of the main ways of obtaining information about the environment. Unfortunately, in recent years there is a strong tendency towards the development of various diseases, which in one way or another lead to the deterioration of this method of perception.

Reasons may cause this disease can be a lot. The main of them are the various injuries, the occurrence of neoplastic diseases and increased levels of stress and physical exertion. Early diagnosis of retinal detachment allows you to quickly and easily restore lost vision. However, to conduct such examinations can only by a qualified doctor with the use of special equipment.Special attention among these diseases deserves retinal detachment. This disease can significantly complicate the life of an ordinary person and lead if not to partial to complete loss of vision. As a rule, the latter is due to the further development of the disease and translate it into cataracts.

In view of the specific disease treatment in most cases is based on application of lasers and surgery. In the first case, to achieve positive results using high-precision laser, which is directed through a special lens. This lens is mounted on the eyes of the patient, which improves the accuracy of the focusing device.

The treatment principle this method is based on the fact that the laser beams lead to a sharp temperature rise. As a result of these manipulations, the retina begins to coagulate and it is merging with the vascular system. It should be noted that the procedure is bloodless and, as a rule, used in the postoperative period to limit break.

Surgical intervention is the most effective method of dealing with retinal detachment and can be conducted as extrastyle betonirovannaa, vitrectomy or sealing. The last method is directed to attach the retina to the vascular system and means of further strengthening with the help of laser therapy.

Vitrectomy is used to remove from the vitreous body of the pathological changes in tissues, blood or scars. Although modern methods of treatment and involve a relatively small period of rehabilitation after operation for some time it is necessary to reduce eye strain.

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