Retail network without cigarettes and alcohol in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg was probably the first Russian city where he opened a retail network, which focused on a healthy lifestyle, as reported IA "Infoline" created web. Thus, in the grocery store "Family capital. Food products" cannot be seen on the shelves of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

At the moment this new trading network includes ten stores that are located in residential buildings and shopping centers, small in size, in residential areas of St. Petersburg. Here you can buy only organic food and the demand for them has already started to grow rapidly. Note that the most popular in these stores are bakery products, sausage and dairy products.

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In turn, the Agency head of the retail chain maxima Kazuro reports that prices in these stores more accessible to all social categories of citizens. They don't claim to be products of any premium. For example, in one of the stores you can buy a half-liter bottle of milk costs less than thirty roubles. This cost is quite normal for natural milk, the shelf life of which not more than five days. So, almost any of Petersburg resident will be able to afford it. By the end of this year, representatives of retailers plan to increase the number of stores in the Northern capital to hundreds.

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