Results: Smoking cessation contributes to the set of extra pounds

One of the excuses when quitting Smoking is the fear to gain weight. These concerns, unfortunately, confirmed by science. RIA "Novosti" writes that there is a correlation between the degree of dependence on tobacco and the risk of getting fat after quitting Smoking.

The study showed that the rejection of bad habits on average increases the body weight of male 2.8 and women at 3.8 pounds. Large increase more than 10% by weight TKL, lurking about 10% decided to quit. Fortunately, most do who is overweight and in a few years lead it to its original state.

A unified theory of why people are gaining weight when quitting Smoking no. To avoid this factor in recovery is difficult. Koji Hasegawa, Kyoto medical center, a long time conducted a study on 186 people who sought treatment by quitting cigarettes. It was a group of 132 men and 54 women from 22 to 81 years.

On the basis of the study was the analysis of the mental background of the people, the biochemical composition of their blood, the tendency to reduce dependence on cigarettes and nicotine in particular. It is the severity of the initial dependence, which was measured by the method of Fagerstrom, was the main reason behind the weight gain near future after Smoking cessation.

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Minimal weight gain was observed in people with low nicotine dependence. Intensive smokers had an average newcomers extra 3.4 per cent of their body weight. Therefore, it is possible to speak with confidence about nicotine as one of the factors involved in weight gain.

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