Results of the long experiment in history

The essence of the experiment, which began in 1944, was the movement is detected bitumen mass through a funnel consisting of glass. This mass during the experiment gave only eight drops. The time of the fall of the ninth was captured on video and published with brief comments of the scientists. Physicists say that the experience at first glance looks very simple and not complicated, but nevertheless, to fix the time of the fall before that no one has yet succeeded. Curious remains and the fact that the same experiment was performed and scientists of Australia, but at the time of the fall of the last drop the camera was off, and they failed to capture it.

According to the publication, scientists know that the experiment has no significance for chemistry, and physics.

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Previously as an example of slow current material was glass. But after some time this experience was recognized as unreal, as if the glass and flowing, this process will still take millions of years.

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