Restaurant food is harmful to health

Canadian researchers found that eating in restaurants contains 58 grams of fat. This amount is equal to 90 percent of the recommended daily amount of fat intake for an adult. According to scientists from the University of Toronto who has studied the amount of fats, cholesterol, salt, and calories in 685 dishes and 156 desserts served in restaurants of Canada, just one restaurant meal contains 1128 calories. It should be recalled that nutritionists in many countries are advised not to exceed the daily established norm in 2 thousand calories.

It turns out that the food served in the restaurant, contains more than half of your recommended daily allowance of calories. It should be noted that the specialists studied the meals that were served in the usual cafes and restaurants, not fast food establishments, which have long been criticized for leading to them unhealthy and leads to obesity food.

In addition, the content of salt in restaurant food was 151 percent of the recommended daily amount, and the content of TRANS fats and cholesterol was 83 and 60 percent, respectively. Dangerous in terms of calories are even restaurant salads. One serving contains a whopping 657 calories. Some restaurants calorie salad was 1370 calories. Meat dishes in restaurants contain the greatest number of calories.

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The most common dish, which is often bought at restaurants - it's pork ribs. Now this dish contains 1633 cal. Thus, as the results show, for the year restaurants can be very fat, and in addition, restaurant food causes serious harm.

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