Resolving the condom is another method of protecting women against pregnancy and HIV

Despite the fact that condoms are quite effective in preventing pregnancy and protection from disease is still not popular. As Fox News reports, scientists at the University of Washington has attempted to create an alternative that will appeal to women.

As a result, they have created female condoms, which are dissolved directly in the uterus. Resolving the condom contains contraceptives and medicines, which create a protective barrier against HIV. According to Kim Woodrow, experts have all the necessary medicines can help women in opposition to various infections. The main issue here is the method of delivery.

As is known, in the production of female condoms used technology electroprecizia. In other words, condoms manufactured by using the electric field, which in turn helps to get fiber containing antibodies and proteins. The resulting material can block the penetration of sperm.

In this material, you can easily conclude absolutely any medication that is able to dissolve. However, the creators of dissolved condoms are not sure that those who are not accustomed to barrier contraception will use this kind of protection from infectious diseases and prevent pregnancy.

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