Resistant bacteria annually "steal" 100 trillion dollars

To combat superbugs spent annually to 100 trillion. Dollars. This tells CNBC edition. The latest report of the economist Jim O'neill told how much money consumes modern medicine to prevent infection.

According to the data, each year, resistant bacteria cause the death of approximately one thousand 700 people. Soon this figure will increase to one million.

Doctors actively used antibiotics, constantly improving their formula. Despite all efforts, the bacteria is still ahead of modern science in two steps. In no time the doctors start to treat patients new antibiotic, as the infection begins to acquire resistance to it. In the beginning of the last century penicillin could destroy virtually any bacteria. Now, this antibiotic is not valid at the microscopic flora.

"Antimicrobial resistance in the future more likely to affect countries with low and middle income," says O'neill.

However, the only way out of the situation – the development of new antibiotics. Other options yet.

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