Resident of Britain with transplanted hearts got in the Guinness Book of world Records

John McCafferty, 71-year-old resident of Britain, eve got into the Guinness Book of world Records. He broke the record for longevity with a transplanted heart. 31 in his chest beats the artificial organ. The previous record belonged to the American (30 years), who died in 2009.

First the doctors ' prognosis was not happy future champion when he learned that his life with a new body, no more than five years. At 39 years old was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy is a major cause of heart failure development. The surgeons did at that moment impossible - give the patient a new heart.

After the surgery, John McCafferty promised the world to be always optimistic and adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, follow the guidance of physicians and surgeons.

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It should be noted that surgery and Transplantology is not standing still. Modern solutions allow you to transplant an artificial body, giving patients a second life.

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