Researchers will develop a pain meter

Imagine you have a sore hand, but to describe how much that others have understood you, hard. Scientists have long sought a way to change the level of pain, and recent research has brought them closer to solution.

Researchers from Stanfordkogo University taught computer algorithm for the interpretation of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain to determine the presence and power of pain. For example pain, is 7 points out of 10, have patients during the thermal effect on the skin and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, the computer compared the readings of brain waves with the state of the participants without pain, thus ,the computer learned to recognize the difference between pain and its absence in humans.

Later in the experiment introduced 16 new members, and the computer was ahead, does the participant pain with 80% accuracy.

Previously, doctors believed that the subjective nature of pain will not allow to develop a single mechanism to identify them and determine their strength, however, registration of brain activity can be an effective method to create pain scale.

A complicating factor is the fact that pain in different parts of the body can be recorded in different ways, and suffering from chronic pain, it is impossible to conduct a baseline scan of the brain to zero "painless" level. However, scientists developed the concept looks very promising in the field of medical diagnostics.

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