Researchers told about the real state of Affairs in matters of hygiene

Not all people are closely monitoring the cleanliness of their bodies, the study found. For the majority of the signal going into the shower is an unpleasant smell from the body. The doctors and hygienists recommend to wash at least twice a week and use soap and a washcloth. In the heat and with heavy physical labour should go to shower more often. In General, the rules of La body wash and the hair does not exist. All very individually.

Before a survey was conducted of residents of most large countries. So it was possible to identify the most neat country. In Latvia, for example, hygiene buy almost 100% of the families. In Japan neglect about 9% of the population. We are talking about buying toothpaste, Soaps, deodorants.

To clean countries took scientists Estonia, Serbia and Croatia. According to the survey, 2% of people in developed countries don't buy toiletries at all. Approximately 20% do not wash their hands after going to the toilet, 10% just pretend (rinse the fingers under water), another 40% wash their hands less than 10 seconds.

Men worse women have good hygiene exactly twice. They more often than women in the toilet reading the news or using the phone, view documents. Doctors believe this method is the easy way to spread E. coli and any bacteria in the mouth.

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