Researchers told about the products, more likely to violate the appetite

Scientists from the U.S. found: fatty food is the most serious factor that can affect the appetite of the person. Only one such meal is able to bring down the appetite for three days.

A group of researchers from northwestern University conducted an experiment on laboratory mice. As it turned out, some fat molecules can penetrate directly into the substance of the brain. This results in inhibition the activity of receptors to changes in concentrations of the hormones leptin and insulin. These compounds play a critical role in metabolism and is responsible for the feeling of hunger.

Fatty foods, the researchers found, leads to a weakening of the signals from the brain. As a result, the body ceases to feel the feeling of fullness during a meal. This "deafness" can last for three days after consuming fatty foods.

The most marked property is palmitic acid. It is part of the majority of oils of vegetable and animal origin. Scientists recommend to eat in a balanced way, to protect yourself from a number of dangerous diseases associated with impaired metabolism.

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