Researchers: lock one protein will help build muscle

Using the results of the latest development of Australian scientists from the Medical research Institute Garvan not have to spend hours sweating in the gym, building up muscle mass. Foreign researchers under the leadership Loanne Jay Holt discovered a protein that helps to increase muscle performance without physical training.

Experts, conducting experiments on mice, came to the conclusion that blocking the function of the protein Grb10 at the stage of prenatal development, leads to the birth of a stronger rodents. Mice, which are still at the stage of fetal development was suspended above protein, born unprecedented in its kind muscle mass, says the Daily Mail.

This discovery can dramatically affect the treatment of diseases associated with inflammation of the muscle tissue, muscular dystrophy, and type II diabetes. Protein Grb10 directly affects muscle growth, without the need to increase physical activity or to change the diet. Interestingly, the opening of Australian researchers has no side effects. And yet doctors insist, does not need to be withdrawn from the physical training. Classic tips for weight gain are also relevant: the power of exercise, regular meals, adequate sleep and control of hormonal background.

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