Researchers have found a protein that promotes the healing of wounds

Scientists have conducted a detailed study of FGF protein to understand its role in the regeneration of epithelial tissues. To do this they had to explore mice with abnormal growth of blood vessels. The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

As it turned out, during tissue damage protein FGF signals on the formation of a new capillary network for intense blood.

Scientists have made an experiment. They turned off the group of mice FGF protein. When first considering the animals looked perfectly healthy, but any injury healed for a very long time, with serious complications. The growth of blood vessels around the wound was significantly reduced.

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Protein FGF, scientists believe, can be turned off, and optionally activate. This will help in managing the process of tissue regeneration and healing. If you disable a protein in the tissues of the retina, you can slow diabetic retinopathy, which is associated with excessive growth of blood vessels.

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