Researchers have found a mechanism in the brain that determines a person's attitude to alcohol

Alcoholism is largely determined by the individual characteristics of the brain. Scientists have discovered a separate mechanism influencing human craving for the alcohol. This writes Medical News Today.

The key to unlocking most of the addiction is in dorsomedial striatum. This area defines the behavior. Drinking alcohol in large quantities, modifies the operation of the striatum at the cellular level.

Most affected spiny neurons. They regulate the response of the brain to dopamine with D1 and D2 receptors. First accelerate the action of the hormone of happiness, the second inhibit it.

Alcoholism D1 receptors take control of the brain. As a result excessive alcohol activates the nervous system, and it becomes the cause of addiction. Scientists suggest that developments in neurophysiology will help in the future to create a cure for alcoholism.

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