Researchers have discovered the secret of overeating

An international team of scientists from Yale University says that finally found the answer to the question, what makes some people so hard to overeat. In fact, suppress appetite crucial "free radicals", molecules associated with aging and tissue damage.

Increased levels of free radicals is effective at controlling hunger parts of the brain, the experiment showed that free radicals in obese mice suppresses appetite. However, free radicals contribute to aging.

The study's author Tamas Horvath notes that there is a kind of trick - on the one hand, these molecules are necessary to control the appetite, and on the other hand, free radicals contribute to the aging rate.

It is this dual function radicals may explain why it is so difficult to develop therapeutic methods for the treatment of obesity. Modern research should address the question of the regulation of satiety without increasing free radicals in the brain and in the periphery.

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