Researchers have created a new method of treatment of pain in the knees

Granules with antibiotics, implantable in the blood vessels of the joints, can be a real panacea for people suffering from chronic pain in his knees. Externally formulated blend is powdery, writes The Daily Mail. When viewed under a microscope, you can see the granule size of 0.07 mm.

Granules are applied by the following method. The solution is administered into the vessels, suitable to the knee joints. As a result, the microvessels supplying the nerves of the knee, stick together. Nerves are dying. It reduces pain syndrome. However, the cause of the pain does not go away. To deal with it should the other methods.

Usually knee pain associated with irreversible degenerative changes in the joints. Inflammation in them leads to the formation of blood vessels in cartilage, which is not good. A healthy hip joint is powered by completely different methods. Because of the violation of the trophic causes pain and the transformation of cartilage into bone.

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