Researchers from the USA have managed to develop a laser with the most "clean" light

American experts from MIT (the Massachusetts Institute) presented the latest laser, has already received the status of "pure", as the width of its lines is only 20 Hz. Such unprecedented rate experts have been able to achieve through the use of fiber-optic wire and negative feedback mechanism.

Here it should be noted that over time the laser devices inherent in the change of characteristics (length) of the light beam – the aforesaid effect is referred to as "line width". Almost all of the existing laser device have a width in the range of 1-10 Hz, and designed by experts, the technology has a wide (20 Hz), which is as much as three orders of magnitude lower than analogues.

These striking properties became possible thanks, first, to use in the design of the laser fiber which directly asked the small width of the lines, and, secondly, the activation of the feedback mechanism (the digital intelligence unit analyzes their radiation independently makes changes in its settings).

In addition, a laser system is compact, therefore the scientists predict a possibility of using in space.

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