Researchers found the gene propensity to suicide

Recent research conducted by the Center for mental health problems and drug use suggests that there is a gene that is associated with the tendency of a person to an act of suicide.

Earlier researchers had already discovered the relationship between the BDNF gene and suicidal tendency. The above gene is actively involved in the management and development of the nervous system.

After scientists have mapped the results of eleven studies that were conducted previously, and were taken into account new information about people diagnosed with schizophrenia, scientists have concluded - media version of the gene methionine have a greater propensity for suicidal behavior than "native" gene variations valine.

"The results of this research can be used in diagnostic practice, and development of methods of therapy that can help in the prevention of suicide," says Dr. Kennedy, the head of the Department of neural science.

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Reduced levels of BDNF in humans many times increases the chance of suicidal tendencies. But in the process, the diagnosis of the doctor is necessary to take into account the following factors: children's mental trauma, stress, use of drugs and other potent drugs.

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